The Druid’s altar and the Druid’s creed
We scarce can trace,
There is not left an undisputed deed
Of all your race,
Save your majestic song, which hath their speed,
And strength, and grace;
In that sole song, they live and love and bleed—
It bears them on thro’ space. 

Thomas D’arcy McGee, from “The Celts” Poems, 1869

The Foggy Dew

“The Foggy Dew” is the song I have always considered the most moving of Irish tunes. Sentiment would never allow me to perform it—the studio did.  Words written against a much older tune around 1918; forbidden to be sung (or whistled) within Ireland for several years.

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Bard of Armagh

If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about the influence of Irish music on American music, The “Bard of Armagh” is a stark example!  Old, old, Irish tune that you might recognize as “The Streets of Laredo.” 

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